Fernando Perales with Oxford Improvisers

Date(s) - September 4, 2012
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Albion Beatnik Bookshop


For the first Oxford Improvisers concert of the new season at the Old Fire Station, Oxford Improvisers Orchestra will be joined by the Argentinian guitarist Fernando Perales. A founder member of the experimental group ‘Reynols’, this will be the first concert of his forthcoming European tour.

The evening will be in three parts:
– Music for guitar and strings devised by and featuring Fernado Perales with Jill Elliott, Bruno Guastalla and Dominic Lash
– Saxophone Quartet featuring Pete McPhail, John Greive, Jon Seagroatt and Paul Medley
Oxford Improvisers Orchestra featuring Fernando Perales on guitar.

Facebook  :  www.facebook.com/events/269009589870663/

Since 1993 Fernando Parales has been working on free improvisation music based on prepared guitar technique. A one-time member of the experimental argentinian band REYNOLS, he has also collaborated with Fred Frith, Damo Suzuki, Christof Kurzmann, Simon Whetham and many others.  He writes:

“I have a solo project called Viva La Muerte using composition and execution techniques based on improvisation and on the non-semantic difference between noise and traditional musical sounds. I work without a harmonic and melodic structure, focusing on exploring the timbric and material aspect of sound and noise. Viva La Muerte is a sort of unipersonal orchestra, composed of guitars, contact mics, pieces of metal, garage tools, metal sheets and industrial matrix fallen into disuse. My work has elements in common, sometimes with free electroacoustic improvisation, sometimes with ambient/minimalism, and some other times with drone or noise, exploring always the guitar’s physical limits.”

see vimeo.com/39558776


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