Phil Morton – accidents and treatment

Date(s) - November 20, 2018
7:45 pm - 10:00 pm

Albion Beatnik Bookshop


Nice tag line, but Mr Morton is more likely to be found playing the guitar these days, a guitar: bought in 1970 for £16.00, that currently is rarely intentionally tuned, a magnetic pick-up and a contact-microphone deliver two differentiated outputs to one acoustic amplifier. The target appears to be; timbral rather than tonal, the voicing and spacing of chords rather than chasing and taking the notes down the straight alley. A guitar player who rejects the boxes, pedals, digital processing approach to extending the sound palette as the acoustic world is infinite and enough for him: or is it he’s too poor to buy them! Except for one: the lexicon jamman, sampler, delay, loop has remained part of his set up for twenty years, and remains a key part of his performance, a performance forged in the air that it moves.

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Tickets : £9 / £6